About Us & Mission


Here at XMachines we strive to truly democratize and share all the power of making. Our goal is to empower makers and educators with technologies that advance creative development, innovation, and product designs. Our first product, the Lorei 3D printer, embodies this mission by bringing incredible functionality at affordable prices. We believe in a sustainable future and designed Lorei to have a long life cycle by providing continuous modular capabilities.



Founder Josue Cruz, is a Mechanical Engineer with an artistic vision who strongly believes in sharing innovative technologies with the world at affordable cost. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland with a Mechanical Engineering degree with a focus on control systems, he spent a year of extensive independent research on 3D printers and its market. Josue wanted to address the common problems with current 3D printers, such as high costs and design inefficiencies, and so the Lorei 3D printer (formally known as the Uno and Duo) were created. 

We would like to give a big thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers who allowed us to turn our dream into reality. Thank you!